Free Guy

16.02.2022 15:29


What can go wrong in the ideal life of a sweet and smiling bank clerk with a strange name Guy? Robbery occurs in his institution several times a day, individuals with gangster habits roam the streets, but still he considers his city to be the best in the world. Everything changes once the meeting of the Guy with the fatal beauty in dark glasses. Since then, a man longs for only one thing - to become worthy of becoming her lover. But this is unreal.

The film The main character is a killer, bright and very dynamic comedy with a rather interesting theme. Its plot revolves around the life of a secondary, background hero of a computer game from the category of shooters, whose role was reduced only to the function of extras. But everything turns out to be much more interesting, capturing the imagination of the audience into the colorful world of virtual reality.

The tape was first presented to the public in early August 2021 in Serbia. The creation was carried out by the USA and nonton online. The filming process was carried out in Massachusetts. Production costs amounted to one hundred and twenty million dollars.

The main character is excellently portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, who has an impressive filmography and collaborations with the best actors in Hollywood. His partner was the charming Jodie Comer.